Although the removal of secondary tanks has shifted the meta in Overwatch 2, roles are broadly the same as in the predecessor. When we think of positions and preferences, tons of things might come to mind – cowgirl versus doggy style, or whether you prefer someone to spit or swallow a load. Because picking a character in-game isn’t totally unlike choosing how to have fun in real life, and this guide will go through the basics of how to get the most pleasure possible, and it starts on the role-select screen.


What are the Main Roles?


When you search up online, it can be hard to find helpful guides among all the Overwatch sex games. Trust us, we know better than anyone. As soon as the game launched with a new hero for each category, healer Kiriko Rule 34 and DPS Sojourn hentai was everywhere. But what do these terms mean?


Well, the main game mode makes use of a role queue system, where each character is divided into a distinct role. Any combination of one tank, two DPS, and two supports will create a full team of five. 


What is a Tank?


Tanks like it hot and heavy, preferring to be out on the frontlines taking loads… and loads of damage. They’re the missionary-enjoyers of the group, preferring to face the enemy head-on while creating space for their DPS and support teammates. 


Our adult Overwatch cosplayers who pick the tank roll come in the form of Anikka, a sexy Zarya main who takes a lot of damage, and then blows it all back. Then there’s Divine, our Overwatch DVA cosplayer who loves the character’s ability to get in and out of the action in her mech. 


What is DPS?


DPS (or Damage Per Second) characters are focused on exactly what their name implies – taking as much of the enemy’s health down as possible. They’re the most saturated category in the game, but that doesn’t mean they all fight the same.


Take Carmen, our regularly nude Sombra main. She knows the best places on the internet to find Sombra Rule 34 pics, and her kit is all about hacking other players. Tracer is best known for using her time-warping abilities to flank other players, but our hot Tracer main Tessa thinks that being able to have sex over and over again is an underrated passive ability!


What is Support?


Keeping their teammates hardy (and hard!) during a long fight, support characters are defined by their healing abilities. While the DPS might rush in to get dicked-down on point, it’s thanks to healers that they get right back up again to take another round.


Support characters are among the most varied in the game. Sexy cosplayers like Maria can swoop into the battlefield with Mercy’s wings, and our own Brigitte futa cosplayer can use a diverse kit to bash as hard as she smashes. 


Keep in mind that support can be a high-stress role to pick, as keeping your teammates up might cause a lot of pent-up frustration. Although support-players often present innocently, it’s no surprise that they’re into some of the freakiest sex you can imagine!


Which Role Should I Pick in Overwatch 2?


Which role you should pick is entirely up to your own preferences. Tank players are all about stamina, preferring long engagements, and DPS players are known to want to fuck hard and fuck fast. Support players are considerably more patient on the battlefield, taking incredible pleasure in filling their teammates up. 


Of course, your choices might be bottlenecked by long queue times, especially for DPS. And since there’s nothing worse than getting stiff waiting, we’ve created Overwatchingporn to explore these roles in a whole new way. Our brand new browser-based game could be exactly what you need to figure out your positions and preferences, guiding what racy role best suits you.